Rock & Roll USA Half Marathon

Washington, DC | March 17, 2012 | Time: 2:09:04 | The first big half marathon for me. I ran one back in 2008 but it was more of a run/walk for me (2:47:12) so I was hoping to improve a lot on my time. Success! Paced under 10 minutes a mile which was great for me. 

The race was much hillier than I originally thought. I had planned for the giant climb from the National Mall up to Adams Morgan, but didn’t realize there would be other small hills throughout and a climb to the finish. It was also much warmer than normal for March – making the Cherry Blossoms start to bloom super early. 

Trisha’s boyfriend Jeo was also running so I got to hang out with him prior to the race, and she was nice enough to bring my stuff for me at the finish. Was great to have my flipflops to change into!

R&R had a great post-race spread. I was almost not able to carry everything. Bananas, bagels, fruit cups, cookies, water and gatorade. So great. 

Felt really good about this race. Here’s to running more halfs!

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