Crystal City Twilighter 5K

Crystal City Twilighter 5K | July 27, 2013 | Time: 28:15 | Rainstorm central!! It was cloudy and had rained earlier in the day but I was hoping we would get the 5K in before more rain. The sky however was not on the same page and the downpour started when the gun shot went off. Mile 1 was like swimming upstream. I was afraid I was going to lose my contacts and had to keep wiping the water off my face to see. Note: will be purchasing a running visor in the very near future. 

Once the rain petered off, the race was not bad. It was pretty much out and back and fairly flat. Ethan was running with me and due to him and the rain that first mile we took a pretty quick pace. I had to slow down a little in the second mile and told him to leave me behind. After the rain finally stopped it was really really muggy. However I still managed to get my second best 5K time with the 28:15. All in all was fun to run at night, see everyone with their glow necklaces and get our complimentary food and beer after it was over. Now to dry out!

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