A Labor Day Away

Ann Arbor I August 31 – September 2 | I had scheduled myself to fly midday on Saturday- it was so much cheaper than either Friday night or that morning and actually was nice to be able to get some stuff done at home before heading to the airport. I got a 7 mile run in (first long one since the beginning of August- and I need to get on it, only a month and a half til the next big race!) and then carried my duffle over to the train to head to DCA. Walked in and through security with enough time to grab a quick bite of lunch before the flight. 

It was a good thing I got a little food because as soon as I got off the flight, Jon and I headed to the Michigan football game at the Big House. Great game as always and they ended up winning 59 to 9 over Central Michigan. We had awesome seats courtesy of the band and got to walk on the field afterwards once again. Half time was crazy with a James Bond themed show complete with a jet pack man and a helicopter flyover. They do marching band well there and the crowd stays to watch! Something I’m still not used to coming from NC. We finished out the day at Wurst bar where I had a delish pesto, mozzarella burger and mixed tater tots- the sweet potato ones with the special marshmallow sauce are SOOOOOOOOO good. 

On Sunday we decided to head over to Ohio to the famed Cedar Point amusement park. I had seen it mentioned on various travel channel shows as the place to go for roller coasters. It did not disappoint. We were there for about 11 hours and managed to get 11 of the 14 coasters completed. We had a small break for lunch and when the park shut down for a bit due to rain. We did spend at least 30 minutes in each line and up to an hour and a half for the really good ones. The lines were brutal but in the end the ride was always worth it. Best coasters of the day: Raptor, Maverick, and the Gatekeeper. Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves coasters. 

Labor Day was kind of low-key for us after spending the day prior running around an amusement park. We went to brunch at What crepe? in Ann Arbor starting out with savory crepes and finishing off with The Patriot dessert crepe- SO GOOD! Jon needed to get some work done so I watched some TV while he accomplished that. Then we went for a walk in nearby Gallup Park- it was full of picnic-ers and parties for the holiday. It was a cooler day and felt really nice while we were out there. Great afternoon. 

Wonderful weekend in Ann Arbor as always. Looking forward to the next one!

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