Four Courts Four Miler

Arlington, VA | March 15, 2014 | Time: 39:08 | Two years ago I promised myself I’d never run this race again.. and then there I was registering. At least this time I was sort of prepared for the pain of Wilson Blvd. Tried to take the first two miles out at a decent pace but not too quick so I could have some saved up for the epic climb back to the top. Ended up coming in under 40 minutes which was the ultimate goal since I’ve been gearing up my training but taking it slow to keep the IT band strain from coming back. 

JJ and Kevin were there with me for the pain and we all ended up under 40 minutes. Win! A free beer and a biscuit later from Bayou Bakery and we ended up having a nice Saturday. I’m awaiting photos from Pacers- so stay tuned for those!

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