Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Half Marathon

Raleigh, NC | April 13, 2014 | Time: 2:11:27 | First big half since my injury last fall. Not too shabby considering it was all hills and a heat filled day! Kristi had also been having knee problems so she stuck to my 9:45 min pace for the race. It was nice to run the whole race with someone! I feel like I’m usually alone. We were good motivation for each other especially towards the end after we’d seen a fallen runner and were still climbing hills. 

It was nice to see another side of downtown Raleigh- there were roads I recognized but then there were a lot that I didn’t and since the coarse turned so many times, even with my decent sense of direction I was turned around. I kept focusing on continuing on and making it up the hill(s)! 

We got sweet medals after before being handed an ice towel and lots of food and beverages. Then we collapsed by a building to eat and stretch before heading home to shower. 

Good race- corral placement was awesome. I never felt crowded. Rock ‘n’ Roll does a good job. Looking forward to doing some of the others in their series.

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