Lewes, DE & Williamsburg, VA | July 15-18 | In the interest of saving a little money, we opted to go on a mini-moon instead of a real honeymoon. We are (hopefully) going to get to go on the real one soon! So we took off to one of our favorite places- the Delaware beaches.

Day 1: We got out of town pretty early from DC and made the trek to Lewes. We thought we would be too early to check in but because Dogfish is so awesome we were able to get into our room early. And it was amazing. Plus they give you beach chairs, towels, and a tote to borrow if you want. SO GREAT. I took lots of photos from the Inn mostly because we aren’t sure when we’ll be back (it was a little pricey to stay there!). 

We changed for the beach, stopped by one of the local stores to get ice, cups and beverages and then made the walk down to the shore. We spent the afternoon on the beach enjoying the time just relaxing before heading back to dinner in Lewes. We wanted to eat at Agave but settled for having an appetizer in the upstairs bar while it poured rain outside. We randomly met some other folks with ties to NC while we were snacking (of course- guacamole, queso and salsa). We had finally ended the evening with dinner at Rose and Crown.

Day 2: Started out with a little dreary rain. Jon tasted the Inn’s coffee (not really my thing) and we went on walk trying to see if we could find the other end of the Lewes-Rehoboth walk. I found a juice place to grab a snack before we drove to Milton to go on a tour. I’ve been on the tour a couple of times but this time we got to see their brand new bottling building. Pretty cool. 

After the brewery tour we headed back to the beach because the sun had finally come out. Some more relaxing time before we got ready to go over to Rehoboth for the evening. We had dinner again at Jam Bistro- the same place we ate at after we got engaged- and then went for drinks at the brewpub. 

Day 3: We were up super early to check out and drive to Williamsburg for another Busch Gardens adventure. The drive is always really pretty and we got to go through the tunnel which is a little crazy feeling. And who doesn’t like Busch Gardens! Lots of roller coasters and tasty treats filled the day. 

Then we headed back to DC as our little mini moon was complete. But we did get to start being DC tourists next before the big move!!

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