Dash weekend 2014!

Milton, DE | September 28, 2014 | Time: 29:08 | The 6th year of Dogfish Dashing.

Of course this year I traveled from a far and stayed in DC on Thursday night getting to take in a little VA book club before heading out to Delaware in the Wynsor-mobile.  

We stopped at the brewery on the way into town so I could get some more soap (it’s awesome if you haven’t tried it) and other goodies as well as do a tasting. Then the obligatory Donut Connection stop for a sour cream donut before a little Chick-fil-a lunch and some afternoon outlet shopping. We checked in to the condo before walking over the brewpub for dinner. We had a sampling of appetizers and beers before coming back to the condo for the night.

The next day Ethan and I went on a 7 mile run before coming back for a tasty breakfast from Wynsor. She and I went into Rehoboth to wander the boardwalk and have lunch. We picked up our packets and got wristbands for Dash day. Saturday evening was spent eating dinner and playing games before heading to bed. We were up early for the Dash and ready to run. I came in under 30 minutes which is always the goal, we got our free food and beers before heading to Moe’s for lunch. Some napping and relaxing filled the afternoon before a chili dinner.

Monday morning was for Point Breakfast as usual and then taking out time heading back to DC. Wynsor and I had a Thai lunch before I headed to the airport to get back to Wisconsin. Oh DC I missed you and it was great to be back for a brief moment. Until next time!

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