Frostbite 5 Miler

Stevens Point, WI | December 6, 2014 | Time: 46:09 | The first race Jon and I have ever done together. 🙂

I had been looking for a race for us to do together for awhile but hadn’t seen anything online or through my Run Locator App. Jon had done a lot of the training with me for Avengers and so I thought he’d be up to joining me on a race. Luckily a local one popped up (apparently it happens ever year but us being newbies in town I hadn’t heard or seen anything about it.) The local YMCA puts on the Frostbite the first weekend in December, running the local roads of Stevens Point. Granted by December here it’s already ridiculously cold and outside training has gotten pretty difficult. (We broke down and joined a gym – it’s just too cold!!). 

But on race day we lucked out! It was 27 degrees and sunny. Now I know that sounds really cold for the average person but considering we’d been experiencing temps and runs in the teens with cloud cover and negative temps at night 27 was balmy. 

We snapped a couple of pre-race photos and I decided to do a GU (even though I know 5 isn’t far mileage but I wanted the burst of energy I knew it would give me) before lining up at the starting line. Being a local race in a small town it wasn’t a super huge crowd which was nice! I already knew Jon would leave me behind once we got going- his pace is a good minute and a half faster than mine (one day maybe I’ll get there!). He took off once there was a break in the crowd. At the turn around point I saw him and he looked like he was doing well! It was a little icy coming back to the Y but I managed and ended up powering to the finish. Not my fastest 5 mile time but pretty darn close at 46:09. 

We stopped into the Y after for our after race snacks and beverages but left before the awards were given out. Turns out Jon won his age group with a time of 36:59! But the funny part was that they put him in at age 72 (I was listed as 54) Fail on their end but we got it fixed and he ended up winning a glass mug. 

Overall a fun local race for both of us! Here’s to many more races.

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