My First Wisconsin Winter

I would have listed dates but let’s be honest winter started on Halloween and it just came to a close last week. Granted this is really early for the weather to start getting nice so I’m sure we’ll get screwed with another snow storm later this month. 

With the help of my Eddie Bauer Parka, Sorel Snowboots, many pashmina scarves, and turtle wool gloves I, Becca Caldwell, have made it through my first Wisconsin winter. It was very cold, really all of the time. I would run out of the house, walking carefully to my car so as not to slip, crank it to get the heat going and make the quick journey to work. I spent most of it inside, even doing most of my workouts in our living room or at the gym. I would love to tell you we explored more and conquered outdoor winter excursion, but well there’s always next winter. Lots of work happened over our weekends so we just didn’t have much time to get out of town and explore wintry Wisconsin. 

Over the holidays we headed to Marshfield to check out their Winter Wonderland. While it was smaller than expected (a typical thing for me and Wisconsin) it was still nice to see some holiday lights. Sadly we had to get out and walk around and not surprisingly it was freezing!!!

We did make it down to Madison over my birthday weekend for the Beer and Cheese Fest with Jennie and Dave. Lots of pretzels, beer samples and cheese to go around!! And we finished out the night with delicious Thai food. I miss having lots of options here in Point. But luckily Madison isn’t too far away for a day trip. Plus it was a great to visit with friends!!

For Valentine’s Day, we headed to Wausau for the evening. Jon got me beautiful tulips (that actually lasted a few days- pro of winter?). We ate dinner at Jalepeno’s in downtown Wausau. They were slated as one of the best Mexican places in the area and the food did not disappoint. Neither did the margaritas!! After dinner we stopped by Red Eye Brewing to relax and taste of couple of the local brews. We finally finished the night off with a round of Culver’s concretes (reese’s of course) before heading back to Point. 

Finally, I had the luxury of attending Wisconsin’s Arts Day with work this week. I got to meet lots of other arts administrators around the state and check out what other groups are doing to build their communities. After the conference we stopped by the Madison Capitol building followed a tour for a bit and I took a bunch of photos. 

Winter- I survived you. And Wisconsin, maybe you aren’t so bad after all. 

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