RNR Vegas Kickoff Run

So as I’m in the thick of training for the half marathon races we have coming up this late spring/summer I was really excited when I saw the opportunity to get a free tee from the Rock n Roll folks at the Competitor group for kicking off the registration for RNR Las Vegas. Jon and I are hoping to fit this one into our schedules as it’s supposed to be fantastic. Running the strip at night – and even some parts in the casinos. Hopefully we will be able to make it work. We’re currently signed up for the RNR Chicago in July- so if we make two we’ll get a heavy medal :). Never gotten one of those but have always wanted to so we’ll see. In the meantime due to the crappy weather we’re having here in WI, I was forced to take my kickoff run to the treadmill over at 212. Wasn’t my best run (not a fan of the dreadmill) but I got it down and it was under a 10 min mile so I’ll take it. Got my photo done and sent off- so here’s hoping my tank will come soon!! You’ll see my Garmin too- gotta get those steps in each day!! Here’s the link if you want one for yourself!

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