Blacksburg Holidays

Blacksburg, VA | December 4, 2015 | Being as though Blacksburg is considered a smaller town we got to experience their holiday celebrations. Jon had the special thrill of conducting Tuba Christmas. His first time being a part of something like this- we had no idea how many people would show up to see this- it was quite the crowd. 

Afterwards we headed over to PK’s to grab a beer before watching the Christmas Parade. It was definitely what you might expect for a smaller town but I still had lots of fun! And free cider!

We also had some of our holiday celebrations before heading home for the holidays. I gave Jon a new UNC zip hoodie, old school Michigan Tee and New Balance sneakers with Michigan colors. He gave me Loki lego keychain, Avenger lego set and all the mini figures AND a Crayola coloring book set. I haven’t conquered the coloring yet but did get a shot of my completed Avengers set all together! And finally I did a Secret Santa exchange with my Oiselle teammates- receiving two fantastic presents!!

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