Kate’s Bachelorette!

Charlottesville, VA | October 28-30, 2016 | A weekend to celebrate my oldest friend getting hitched!

Kate and I have known each other since we were 9 when she invited me over to play dress-up one day after school. I was the new kid and she took a chance on me- as we call it now, she is an ‘aggressive befriender’. Anyway 23 years later and now we are celebrating her soon to be marriage to Matt.

I was meeting up with a few of her close friends and sister at a small AirBnB in Charlottesville. We all arrived late on Friday night, grabbed some late night food and caught up a bit before crashing for the evening.

Saturday morning dawned and I went out for a run- short 4 miles down one of the mountain country roads. It was very peaceful. When I got back I was treated to a delicious breakfast by JRuss and then took a quick shower just to wash off a bit. The plan was to go for a hike at Humpback Rocks, have a picnic lunch afterwards and then head to wineries. We followed that plan pretty closely! The hike was pretty uphill but the view at the top was pretty awesome. Of course once we were done we stuffed our faces. Should have brought the lunch to the top. Hindsight. 

After grubbing and changing clothes we headed over to Veritas winery to enjoy the afternoon and some tasty wine. The view was beautiful and we had a really nice time. We had a quick stop by a grocery store so I could grab my Sunday morning breakfast items and then it was back to the AirBnB for a delcious Mexican dinner courtesy of Davys and Meredith. We even had Three Leches Cake. SO GOOD. After lots of wine and dessert we pulled out the games and of course took on some celebrity rounds. Always a blast. 

Sunday morning I pulled myself out of bed to start prepping smoothie bowls (seriously the best) and nutritious breakfast. I wasn’t sure how people would feel but they really liked them and they were nice and fresh. After some showering, cleaning and relaxing we all packed up and headed our respective ways.

​Can’t wait to party at the wedding in a few weeks!! Congrats to Kate!

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