Boston, MA | Saturday, April 15, 2017 | TIME: 26:16 | Wahoo! A new PR!!!

Now I’ve been working pretty diligently on my training plan for the 10 miler I have this weekend and it was really nice to see that work pay off at last Saturday’s 5K. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off considering my previous PR I achieved on a mostly downhill course. But I put on my powersuit, started in a much earlier corral (thank you Courtney!), and crushed it out there. 

That morning was breezy (58 degrees) and very sunny. I had laid out my flat runner the night before committing to wearing the 3/4 team crop. I’m not the tiniest runner but I decided I didn’t care I wanted to #rockthecrop and I figured if anything could get me a new PR it would be the confidence from wearing that beauty. Jon’s mom and I were running while the rest of his family cheered us on. We were all in town because Jon’s dad qualified to run the marathon at age 62!!! So I mean we all had to come right?! It’s Boston!! 

Anyway we got over to Boston Common that morning, picked up our t-shirts (which by the way I fit into an XS- I’m definitely not that size- sorry to all the actual tiny people out there!!), and visited the potties a few times before lining up in the start corrals. I’m so used to running races alone that I had forgotten how nice it is to have someone watching- to hold your stuff and of course cheer you on! Jon’s mom and I split ways- she headed back to the 11:00 min group and I went up to the 7:00min group. I was definitely not going to run that fast but had been warned that with self seeding it would be really crowded at the start. 

The first wave (and elites) led off and then a few minutes later my wave headed through the start line. And yes crowded was an understatement. At first I got trapped behind walkers… really?!?! walkers- in the 7:00min group. UGH!!! So my first half mile pacing wasn’t the best as I was trying to dodge around people but then I was able to settle into a brisk but manageable pace. 

I do think I kicked it a little hard for that last half of the first mile because my pace still averaged out at 8:21. And I’m pretty sure I was 9:30 in the beginning… oops! The course was nice and flat with only a little down and up hill under the overpass to transition us onto the marathon course. Of course even the slightest bit of elevation change slowed me a little bringing in my second mile at 8:30. 

The last mile was awesome though. We got to take the famed “right on Hereford, left on Boylston” and then run right through the marathon finish line. I have to say I’m not sure I’ve smiled so much during a 5K before. Even though I was pushing myself pretty fast something about that finish line just makes you want to smile. It was glorious. Then it was about a half mile more to get back to the commons and through the finish!

Now I should also mention my other favorite part (besides the marathon finish) was hearing all the ‘Go Oiselle” calls from my teammates!!! I rarely get to run with people cheering for me and hearing this so many times during the race definitely made me push even harder toward the finish. Especially the really loud group  right before the finish- you all rock and thank you for making me feel awesome as I rounded the corner and grabbed a new PR!

Mile 3 came out to 8:22 and then :56 for the point one. Such a fun race! I’m not sure when I’ll be back to Boston but this will hold as my favorite race for quite some time. I had a blast!!! 

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