New job!

After a tumultuous semester at VT this past spring, I began looking for other jobs. I felt under appreciated, under paid, and treated like dirt and so needed a change. The only positive part about my current position was that it allowed me to assist Jon in marketing efforts for his ensemble (which to be perfectly honest wasn’t even part of my job but the marketing manager was so bad at hers that I was covering it). 

So while I did feel bad about taking that extra support away from him, he just wanted me to be happy at work. Enter Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke. Now for a long time I had played with the idea of working at a running store. I am passionate about fitness and running and since I have yet to live in a place (since DC) where I can actually use my background and get paid for it – now seemed as good as any time to take a career shift and do something I enjoyed. 

I originally interviewed with them in March but due to my time constraints (finishing the semester with VT) and their finding some great part-time hires they couldn’t take me on. Then in April just after my big races (and big injury) they asked me to come back in to talk once more. I was happy to be given a second chance!

I met with both owners and the store manager and felt great about the final interview. I was hopeful that this would be my turn. A few days later I got the call that they were definitely interested in me and would be ok with my timeline of starting at the end of May. FINALLY! Some good news. 

It’s been just over a week so far but I haven’t been happier at a job. I realize switching to retail and crazy hours seems insane to some but having zero stress and talking with people about the things I love is the best thing I could have done for me. 

​Here’s to new beginnings!

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