Oiselle Jan. Meetup

JANUARY 12, 2020 | WINSTON-SALEM, NC | For January we stepped outside of the normal and attended an indoor track meet. The Southeast Masters (30 and up) was taking place at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem and we had a couple of runners participating so it seemed like an easy fit for our next get together. 

Megan Arnold (Raleigh bird) completed the mile and grabbed 2nd in her age group! Super speedy. Vanessa Vila (Triad bird) took on the 400, 200, and 60m. She also grabbed some age group awards. Fastie Birds. 🙂

This was my first time attending an indoor track meet. As a musician/dancer I didn’t participate in school sports. It was honestly a really cool atmosphere and I’m glad I went! Plus it was fun to cheer on some of our local ladies.

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