Olympic Trials!

FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 1, 2020 | ATLANTA, GA | WOW. What an incredible weekend. 

Starting at the beginning, I left very early on Friday morning and picked up Rachel J and Rachel B before heading south to Charlotte to grab Cessy. She had a yummy breakfast ready for us, which was great for a little sustenance before we continued on to Atlanta. We made a couple of potty breaks, a lunch stop at Chicken Salad Chick (delicious BTW), before finally getting into town. GPS had to take us a different route due to so much traffic on 85 but we did finally make it. 

We dropped me off at my Oiselle leader meeting, and they continued on to our AirBnb to drop off luggage and get race packets for Sunday’s race. 

The leader meeting was great. I’m not new to Oiselle (obviously) but being chosen as a leader this year is awesome. I’ve been trying for many years but have always lived in an isolated area until now. Thankfully I was selected! I was able to meet Chief Bird, Sally, our leader Leader, Carolyn, as well as many other leaders from states all over. We learned about plans for upcoming large meetups, items we need to accomplish as leaders this year, and brainstormed in small groups about events we can plan in our respective areas. 

The two ladies at my table were Cecilia and Jenn, both from TN, who I’ve followed online for years but had never met in person. SO wonderful to connect. πŸ™‚ I also met Beth (who I’ve followed forever) and so many other birds, some I had not been following and others I of course had been. It’s so great to meet people IRL that you feel you already kind of know thanks to the internet haha.

After the meeting, the TN ladies and I grabbed an Uber to our dinner party location. So so much fun. Lots of beers, hugs, catching up, and delicious bbq and macncheese made for an awesome evening. I met more ladies on the NC team, met ladies I’d followed for years, and caught up with old friends from previous bird camps. I heart this team so much.

Afterwards, we Ubered back to our Airbnb to settle in for the night. Cessy and Joanna hit the sack early, but the Rachels and I sat up and talked for awhile. We all have 2 year olds currently so you can guess the topic of conversation haha.

On Saturday morning there were a bunch of shakeout runs going on all over Atlanta. We opted to run with Clean Sport Co and Kara Goucher. So many people showed up to run I think they were a little overwhelmed. But we got a decent 3 mile run in, as well as some photos with KG. Then Joanna and I headed back to shower and get ready while the other girls finished out a few more miles. After everyone was ready, we tried to pick up lunch at Corner Bakery but it was a nightmare in there so we cancelled our orders and then walked over to the Oiselle Cowbell Corner. It was very cold and windy. I had on so many layers but was staying pretty warm compared to the other girls. It was such an amazing experience. The elite runners passed us 6 times. We got to cheer for the 24 runners from Oiselle and all the other amazing contenders for the Olympics. So much cheering and cowbelling! The Oiselle corner was deafening. It was awesome. 

Afterwards we said goodbye to Joanna, as she had to drive back to Charlotte, and then headed to a nearby brewery/restaurant to eat since we skipped lunch. Pizza and beer had never tasted so good. Then showers and relaxing until it was time to head to the party.

Luckily we were staying around the corner from that location so it was an easy walk over! Again more meetups with ladies I hadn’t met in person, a few yummy cocktails, and beers, and I got to meet my coach Becki! We’ve been working together for almost 2 years so it was nice to meet IRL. Then of course there was the fashion show!! So many lovely items that I can’t wait to purchase down the road … and then we danced our hearts out. Even got to dance with Kara Goucher (NBD). It was an amazing evening!

Oh and then we crashed hard because we were running a race the next day haha. Luckily I had only signed up for the 5K so no pressure. I ran hard, but the hills were brutal so my only goal was to finish under 30mins and I accomplished that. I know I’ve got a lot more in me- but that was good enough for the time being. πŸ™‚

After the races were complete, it was quick showers, pack up and hit the road back home. This time around we got to drive 85 which was definitely a shorter distance. We ate a quick Mexican lunch along the way and then one by one everyone got dropped off and I was back in time to help with twin dinner. 

WHAT A WEEKEND. One I won’t soon forget. ❀

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