7th Anniversary

Chapel Hill, NC | July 12, 2021 | Lucky #7! | Still a pandemic anniversary. haha.

Took the kiddos to the grandparents for a couple of days so we could celebrate and SLEEP.

We started off the day with a 5 mile run – always nice to run together… something we rarely get to do anymore these days. Then we headed over to get a pedicure because nice feet are always a plus. πŸ™‚

Afterwards we decided to head to Chapel Hill for the day. It has been a long time since we’ve visited campus. It was long over due.

We met up with a couple of our old professors. Tonu and Fuchs. Tonu took us out to lunch at Top of the Hill. One of the only places left on Franklin Street that’s still there from our college days. After a delicious salad and blueberry beer we headed back to Hill Hall to see Fuchs.

Holy Cow the building is so different! We didn’t recognize the back entrance because it’s changed SO MUCH. And of course the auditorium has been redone. We found our seat that we sponsored as part of their seat campaign. And got a full tour of the building. Some things were exactly the same, but some were so different.

Afterwards I made Jon take some campus photos (which he loved btw) with the Davie Tree, Old Well, etc. Really nice, and hot day at UNC.

Our final stop was to the Yogurt Pump! (Also still there-yay!) for a snack on the ride home.

We didn’t really exchange gifts but I got Jon a new soft cooler bag from RTIC that we’re both going to use… and he surprised me with a cake from Milk!! YAY!

A low-key but quite enjoyable Anniversary. Here we go #8!

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