Turkey Trotting!

Waynesville, NC | November 25, 2021 | Our favorite race of the year!

We are one of those families who runs 5Ks on holidays haha. Regardless of whether we can get into an actual race or not- since the twins were born we’ve run on Thanksgiving morning and I hope it continues til they can run themselves.

This year we were in the mountains and had planned to run the local race at the lake but it sold out before we could get registered. So instead we got everyone up early and got our run in before the race started.

Of course the boys slept in a little so we were a bit rushed BUT we still saw Pops, Grammie, and Nan Lou as we made our way around the lake for a fun 4 mile run!

It was brisk but nothing some layers and an avengers blanket couldn’t fix.

Yay for Turkey Trots! Next year will probably be the last in the stroller- but we’ll just have to see! Boys are getting pretty big. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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