2021 Wrap-up and 2022 Goals

Looking back at 2021 here’s what I set out to accomplish:

  • 1500 yearly mileage
  • Tackle 2 new strength programs
  • Yoga twice a month
  • new PRs in 5K (sub 25min) and half (sub 1:55)

Here’s what I ended up hitting:

  • 1650 yearly mileage
  • 338 active days
  • 125 strength workouts
  • 85 yoga stretch sessions
  • 1 virtual marathon (and Automatic PR)

I only did one new strength program and did pieces of other programs to supplement my training. I haven’t found one that I love yet with running so keep doing the one that works best for me.

I did a lot of stretch/yoga sessions (not always twice a month) but a lot other months – especially in the thick of marathon training.

I killed on yearly mileage! And I’m happy about running my first marathon. I did not tackle any other distances this year but am looking forward to taking them on in 2022.

2022 GOALS

  • Run 1500+ miles
  • Strength train twice a week
  • Stretch/yoga 10x a month
  • Break 4:30 in marathon
  • Break 1:55 in half
  • Break 25 in 5K

I’m ready. My mental game is super strong after training and completing a virtual marathon (6 4mi laps!!). Let’s see what we can go 2022.

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