Four Courts Four Miler

Arlington, VA | March 10, 2012 | Time: 36:17 | The first race of the spring season! After really ramping up my running this past fall, I’m ready for what this spring holds. Registered for Four Courts a few days prior to join all my VA friends. I was already registered for the Shamrock 8K the following day (post to come shortly on that one!) but thought why not- the more races the merrier right!?

This was without a doubt the hilliest race ever. You run straight downhill for the first two miles and then you double back to head straight back up the hill to finish. The last part of that climb was absolutely brutal. But I finished… and before the leprechaun so I got a free water bottle. After everyone was finished we all headed over to Ireland’s Four Courts bar for a free beer.

Was fun to run with all the friends – but you can keep that hill!

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