Bahama Mamas

Bahamas | January 18-21, 2013 | Everyone needs a little vacay during the winter… especially when it’s to celebrate somebody getting married!! So for Emily we headed south to the Bahamas – conveniently it aligned with my birthday – and no one says no to the Bahamas on their birthday. 🙂

We flew down Friday morning, landing in the Bahamas midday. We had dinner that evening at the local Fish Fry where fish and chips was on everyone’s mind as well as some fried conch. Afterwards we hung out at the outdoor bars and got to take in a local band in costumes playing through the area. 

Saturday morning I started with a short run and then it was time to hit the beach! Caitlin and I went for a walk exploring the area and took a quick dip in the ocean. The water was aqua colored and amazing. They bring drinks to you on the beach, who doesn’t love that. Mimosas for everyone! Lunch by the ocean and the local limeade punch. Showers and naps for everyone before we headed to dinner over at the Hilton followed by drinks in their bar area. We pulled out the cards (discovering our full deck was made up multiple 5’s and 6’s) and enjoyed the evening. 

Sunday I managed to get 7 miles done on the treadmill before I joined the group out at the pool. Morning and afternoon were spent by the pool. Caitlin and I went on a pool adventure and conquered the waterfall. We spent dinner that evening in the Italian restaurant of our hotel. More delicious food by moonlight. Delightful. The sun having zapped our energy meant an early evening and we all curled up to watch The Help together. 

Monday we got in a little pool time before packing and heading to the airport. Had a blast with the ladies!

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