A NYC Weekend

New York, NY | January 11-13, 2013 | Nothing like a free place to stay in the Big Apple. Wynsor was headed up to New York for her annual APAP conference and so I came up to stay over the weekend for free and wander the city. 

Saturday began with a stop at Serendipity for their trademark frozen Hot Chocolate. I had the peanut butter variety of course and it was every bit delicious as I had heard. From their I caught an early matinee of This is 40 which was super funny and a lovely way to spend the morning. I meandered over to the HighLine to wander for a bit and eat lunch while watching the NYC streets. Once I reached the end, I decided to hop on the subway to get a look at the Freedom Tower. Of course it was cloudy and I couldn’t see the top but the lights were bright and it’s going to be beautiful once it’s finished. I was meeting Zac for a late dinner and drinks but he wasn’t ready yet so the Brooklyn Bridge seemed like a good place to go. I’d always wanted to do the walk. The city views with the lights were gorgeous and completely worth the walk. Afterwards, I met up with Zac at the Public, we ate Thai for dinner and then got drinks at the Bourgeois Pig (a place I’d been for JJ’s Bachelorette). We had a great night and polished over a punch bowl full of champagne punch.

Sunday started with a long 9 mile run in Central Park. It is incredibly hilly in there, something I’d never really thought about until I was in the process of attempting it. Running around the reservoir was a brief relief before I headed back out on the loop. I got to hang with Wynsor finally- we had a brunch at a cute French place near the hotel. Delicious. 

Then it was time to hop on the Megabus and head back to DC. A perfect weekend. Thanks NYC! til next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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