Elizabeth & Jason’s Denver Wedding

Denver, CO | November 14-17, 2014 | A wonderful weekend watching great friends get hitched in a truly awesome city.

Day 1: Denver

Wynsor and I were up pretty early to catch the first flight out to Denver for the day. We chose to fly Frontier as they were one of the only direct flights out of DCA to DEN. Definitely cramped and I took a nap during the flight. At the airport we met up with Campbell and Mallory to ride into the city. Thankfully Mallory was renting a car for the weekend and offered to give us all a ride. We were able to check in to the Magnolia early and deposit our bags for the day. We headed away from the hotel for a few blocks to grab a late lunch at Appaloosa Grill. Got my first taste of Colorado Beer. Looking forward to the weekend for sure!

Campbell and Mallory headed back to the hotel to prepare for the evening’s bachelorette festivities. Wynsor and I went on a tour at the US Mint. Not many photos from there because they aren’t allowed but it was a very interesting and enlightening experience. Afterwards we wandered around downtown Denver, stopping by the performing arts center to take some photos. 

That evening was filled with fun. We started out with snacks and drinks in the bride’s suite for a little lingerie party. Dinner took place at Osteria Marco. Was absolutely delicious. Fantastic appetizers, wine, food, everything was great. We were here eating and drinking for awhile before heading over to Corridor 44 for some champagne. 

After that we turned in. It was pretty late Denver time, which meant really late East Coast time.

Day 2: Colorado Springs, CO

Wynsor and I rented a car for the day so we could explore. We drove up to Colorado Springs to the Garden of the Gods. It was beautiful. I took tons of photos of pretty rock formations and we walked/hiked around for a bit. The air was definitely thinner here than in Denver proper. 

We then drove over to Pike’s Peak to take the cog railway to the top. It was a fun way to head up the mountain. Gorgeous views and great photos. Once at the top we climbed off the train to extreme wind and cold. The view was ridiculous but boy was it freezing. Inside at the gift shop we got some mini- donuts to tide us over and to help my stomach settle. Altitude nausea is no joke. Lots more photos taken before we headed back to the train for the way down. Staying awake on this part was hard. πŸ™‚ Once at the bottom I found some super cute and warm socks to purchase as my souveneir.

On the way back to Denver we caved and got some Chickfila to eat. It was delicious after all the hiking and being at the top. After that we got stuck in terrible traffic heading back into Denver. Finally making it back, we returned the rental car to the lot and headed back to the hotel to cleanup for dinner. We ended up eating Mexican at Tamayo before heading over to Euclid Hall for drinks. Campbell and her new beau Quentin came to meet us and we hung out for a little bit more. He was great!!

Day 3: Denver, CO. 

We spent the morning exploring the Platte Riverwalk. We wandered all the way around near the Broncos Stadium, passing by Elitch Gardens (Six Flags). It was really pretty out there but hardly resembled fall at all. Heading back to the hotel it was time to get ready for the wedding. We got dresses and primped before heading to the bridal suite for lunch. We became extra helpers at the wedding passing out programs and assisting the coordinator with various tasks. We shared a flower wristlet the entire night.

Finally the wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony. The first time I’ve ever been to a full catholic wedding. They had special touches with regards to music and friends performing. Wynsor and I helped clear everything out once it was over so that Mass could begin. 

The reception took place at Mile High Station. We were shuttled over from the hotel and had quite a nice evening. Cocktail hour was above the reception area looking down on what was to come, and accompanied by a jazz trio. 

Afterwards we headed downstairs for the full reception. Our table assignments were written on rocks since Jason is a geologist. Awesome. The food was delicious and the company delightful. There was a photo booth that of course we all graced multiple times. And then we spent the rest of the evening on the dance floor. 

A sparkler send off and then we crashed for the night.

Day 4: Denver, CO

Morning breakfast in the hotel for the third day. It was a great free breakfast. We were able to print off our flight details and store our luggage while heading out in the city one last time before our flight. We started off at the Tattered Corner Bookstore, scanning the shelves and wandering. I purchased an awesome super hero book that breaks down super hero statistics over pretty charts and graphs. Definitely nerdy but I thought it was cool.

We headed on a mini-brewery tour after that. Starting off at Wynkoop- trying a couple of different samples, before wandering over to Falling Rock for the biggest selection of beer I think I’ve seen. Finally we went to The Kitchen for lunch where I tasted some Great Divide Nomad. All delicious and there’s so many more to try! Next time, Denver.

We headed back to the hotel to grab our bags and then on to the airport. All in all a successful trip. Friends got married, we explored the city and did some hiking, and I tasted some of the great Colorado beers.

Thanks for a great time Denver.

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