Colleen’s Bachelorette Wine Day

Northern Virginia Wineries | January 4, 2014 | DiVine Tours was happy to escort a small group of us ladies around northern Virginia for a winery tour. We had a blast! We were celebrating Miss Colleen Ferry’s upcoming nuptials in Spain and were looking for a fun day.

First stop: Hunter’s Run Wine Barn

We of course were the only ones there as we arrived prior to 11am. We had some delicious tastings of reds and whites, mulled wine and even some port. Colleen decided we needed to taste the Wine Bar Red as they only had one bottle left for the season. We settled into the couches by a heater and caught up over the delicious bottle of wine. Hunter’s Run was unbelievably cute, and run by a lovely Irish couple. I’d go back any time.

Second stop: The Barns at Hamilton Station

Similar to Hunter’s Run we had a nice sampling of reds, whites, and port. And of course a glass of mulled wine. We chose a bottle of wine (Bliss) to enjoy with our lunch by the fireplace. After stuffing ourselves, it was time for presents. I think Colleen enjoyed all her gifts and excited for Spain! πŸ™‚ We decided to have a second bottle, this time red and enjoy the ambiance of the Barns. It actually got really crowded and a band started to play. Despite the snow and the cold, these folks needed their wine fix!

Last stop: 8 Chains North

Our last but not least stop was at 8 Chains. More delicious tastings and they had oyster crackers that we devoured. πŸ™‚ We decided to get one final bottle and have some brie and crackers. A last red, all of us smushed together on the couch, it was a great afternoon. 

DiVine Wine Tours did a great job! I’d use them again. We had a fantastic day. Yay for Colleen!

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