Savannah, GA | May 9-11, 2014 | A weekend of fun with some of my favorite people. My lovely bridesmaids: Kristi, Caitlin, and JJ planned an awesome weekend that I’ll never forget. 

Day 1: A group of us DC ladies flew in super early and stored our luggage at the hotel. A really nice Holiday Inn Express literally in the middle of everything. Emily and Kristi arrived not much later than we did coming by car from Raleigh. We started out the weekend at Moon River Brewery – a beef brisket tacodilla and a beer (that I was then able to take to go!). After lunch we walked over to a bike rental place, grabbed bikes and headed on quite the journey to get to the Bonaventure Cemetery. We looked pretty hilarious- a group of 6 girls biking in a line through Savannah neighborhoods- but we made it in one piece and the cemetery was beautiful. It was very large but between the trees and other greenery we took lots of fun photos biking around. Kate and Caitlin both landed while were were out biking so we met up with them on our return to the hotel. A round of showers were needed for everyone before we got all beautified for dinner at the Olde Pink House. It was fantastic – biscuits and cornbread started out the meal, before I had almond crusted tilapia and bacon smashed potatoes. Yum!! After dinner (with a food baby in tow) we headed over to start our haunted pub crawl. We got special glow in the dark cups for the evening. We went to five total stops and listened to our guide tell great ghost stories about the places in Savannah. It finished up at Moon River where we’d been earlier in the day and we got to up into the haunted section of the building. I have to admit it was a little creepy and definitely warm up there. Great Day One!!!

Day 2: Because naturally I can’t sleep past 7am these days I was up early. Kate being on Tanzanian time from work was also up so we went down to have free breakfast in the hotel. We hung out for a bit as the others came down and joined us as they woke up. And then Colleen arrived! She had gotten stuck in Charlotte the night before due to weather and so had to take the first flight out on Saturday morning. We were glad she finally made it to join in on the days festivities. We headed over to the Riverwalk to do a little walking/shopping/meandering. There were some really cute shops especially the Savannah Bee Company which had amazing honey products that a lot of us went back to purchase on Sunday. After walking a bit we decided to find a rooftop to hang out on for awhile. Rocks on the Roof turned out to be just that. We had some mimosas and bellinis before moving into the inner area to eat some food. Black bean hummus for the win. also truffle fries. delicious. After lunch we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the rooftop pool for a bit. JJ, Kristi, Kate and I headed over to a nail salon to start the beautifying for the evening. We started getting ready, I put on my second fancy dress from rent the runway before the party began! Goodie bags for the girls, veil and sash for me and beads all around – after a little room party time we headed to our dinner reservation at Jazz’d. Really tasty tapas and I had a great citrus and basil martini. Then we started on our pub crawl for the evening – had a blast!!! Fantastic Day Two!

Day 3: Up early again despite trying to sleep in a little. Kate headed out first as she had an early morning flight. A shower and packing up everything before we all met up for brunch. We decided on a place down the block called B. Matthews. Great decision- my breakfast was delicious and the biscuit was amazing. After brunch we said goodbye to Caitlin so she could make her flight back to Houston, while the rest of us hung out in the hotel for a bit before we lost the room. Kristi and Emily headed out next to make the drive back up to NC while the rest of us went walking again along the riverwalk. We went back to the bee store where Julie, Colleen and I all got these cool lotion candles that when you burn them the “wax” is lotion that can be used. SO COOL. After that we decided to get some ice cream at Leopold’s. We’d passed it multiple times over the weekend but the line was always so long. We had lots of time before our flight so it seemed like a good plan. Peanut Butter cup ice cream mmmm. After that we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the social club in the shade enjoying water and beers. It was a lovely afternoon. Before we headed back to the hotel to head to our flight we grabbed sandwiches at Jimmy Johns since there wouldn’t be much at the airport. Thank goodness we did because we got stuck for about 3 hours due to crazy thunderstorms. It poured so so so hard before it finally let up to let our airplane land. We finally made it back to DC around 11:30pm. But despite the longer than planned last day I had an amazing time and am so lucky to have great friends to celebrate the wedding with. I can’t wait for the big day!!

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