Stevens Point, WI | Our new home. After two days of driving and unpacking we finally got into our new apartment. And then it took about another week to really get unpacked. I’ve got our apartment tour for you below once everything got set up. We also took a quick visit down to Madison to see Jenny and Dave and pick up our wedding presents that they were so graciously storing for us until we got up here. 

After we went on Jon’s family cruise we got to explore more of what Point had to offer. We got Jon’s diplomas hung in his office, and traveled the Grain Circle around town. We also took a day to go to the Portage County Fair. It was exactly what you’d expect at a small fair. Livestock, overweight folks, terrible (but delicious) food and carny rides. We’ve also run the entire Green Circle trail which is 26 miles in total. I’ve taken to walking everyday on the portion that runs along the river. The views are fantastic. 

Added in a few photos from Wisconsin Rapids, our Halloween pumpkins and Jon’s first concerts.

So far, so good Wisconsin. Talk to me come Winter.

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