Martha Stewart’s Grocery Bag

Stevens Point, WI | In an attempt to be “wifely” ha, I decided to take Martha Stewart’s Grocery Bag lists to learn how to cook better. Living in DC, cooking for one and not having much of a kitchen I didn’t do a lot of actual cooking. But now that we have space and lots of fun contraptions thanks to wonderful friends and family from our wedding I wanted to learn more. 

Martha Stewart gives you a grocery list for the week for 5 meals- and you’ll use similar ingredients throughout the week so you don’t have much waste, and you learn to cook fun things! I highly recommend it to anyone who’s trying to learn how to cook and plan. 

I’ve taken pictures of all the meals I’ve liked and they’ll be in the slide show. You can find them all online in her grocery bags HERE. This will get updated with more photos as I cook more fun things! 

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