Training Update

Since our race on April 26, Jon and I have split up our training regimen. It used to be that he would run with me at my pace for whatever distance I was going to take on that day. But now that he’s realized he does have 13.1 miles in him, he decided he wanted to try it as his normal pace. 

I’ve been doing short one mile runs during the week combined with a 30 minute 21 Day Fix Extreme video. I also do Body Pump at the gym once or twice a week. On the weekends we aim for 3-4 miles on Saturday and then take on the long run on Sundays. Last week I went for 7 miles keeping a 9:45 pace. This is just where I want to be as I try to hit a PR for Alexandria. Yesterday I went for 11 miles (some of which were quite hilly) mostly on the trails and ended up keeping a 9:53 pace. I’d like to be closer to the 9:45 but not all runs can be great! 

I’m pretty worried about the weather in Alexandria when we’re there. The highs look like they’ll be 80s and lows in the 60s with humidity. We’ve been training in the 40s and it’s been fantastic but I know from previous race experience that humidity kills me. Here’s hoping we’ll get to do a few runs in DC before the race. 

Lastly, I’ve embarked on a run streak. I started on April 24 and have gone 17 days so far (this morning will be 18!). Even if I can’t get out there or am sore I try to do just a mile to get my heart running a little faster and then do some strength training or other cardio. I’m hopefully I can keep this going all summer long and maybe for a year?!!?

Fingers crossed to PR at Alexandria. I’ll have a recap after we get back to Wisconsin!

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