DC Visit

May 21-25, 2015 | Washington DC | A trip back to the old homestead for a little running and a lot of friend visits. 

After we’d traveled to NC to get our cars inspected, we stopped off in Blacksburg to find a new place to live. Jon gave me a quick tour of campus and then we visited three different complexes. After seeing where college kids live we went with the one farthest from campus (a whopping 4 miles) but hey not as many students and our place is brand new – we’ll be the first ones to live there! Super exited. After our brief visit (1.5 hours) we got back on the road to head up to DC for the weekend. Of course there was traffic on our route but we finally made it town, got our stuff unloaded and then headed back to Virginia to have dinner with the VA crew at Rocklands. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up and of course eat eggrolls and a pearl! 

Friday we spent some of the morning doing a couple of errands for Philippa (conditions of free place to stay :)). And then I headed over to Eastern Market to visit STC and have lunch over at Tunnicliff’s with the gang. Again so nice to see everyone and the office- felt a little bittersweet to see my old desk but have it belong to someone else now. After a yummy lunch I made Jon go to Trader Joe’s with me to get some groceries for the few days we were in town. Our Friday evening was spent in Baltimore. Dr. Votta drove us and we spent dinner at the Oyster Bar and then off to the Symphony. I had never been up to see the BSO and it was nice to have a short visit in Bmore. 

Saturday morning I went on a short run – a shakeout if you will – and then we had SweetGreen for lunch. Love all the old eating spots that we don’t have in Wisconsin. After lunch we headed over to Alexandria to the expo to grab our packets. Not much of an expo but at least we figured out where parking was! With our trader joe’s groceries we grilled out and made some pasta for dinner. Wynsor slept on the sofa since we had to be in Alexandria super early. 

And then it was Sunday and race day. That recap was a few posts back on the blog. It was hot and not a lot of fun as far as races go. But we did it and Wynsor finished her first (and maybe last) half marathon. Then it was time for brunch!! We went to Medium Rare which has an bottomless drinks as well as super tasty food. We’re big fans of their normal menu so it was nice to try out their brunch. Then it was back to hang out on the patio and relax until over favorite favorite dinner. LAURIOL PLAZA!!!! yesssssssss. Delicious and inexpensive food plus my swirl margarita. It was like returning home. And a fabulous way to cap off our weekend. 

Thanks DC for reminding me how much I miss you. Sorry there’s not any photos- we kind of forgot while we were having fun. 🙂

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