Green Bay/Door County

Green Bay & Door County, WI | June 12-14, 2015 | So with running one of the USA’s largest 10Ks we also got to explore Green Bay and spend some time up in Door County. I had heard a lot of good things about DC and was looking forward to visiting the area- and of course Green Bay was nice to explore too!

Day 1: We were up pretty early to clean the apartment before heading over to Green Bay. It’s about a 1.5 hour drive to Green Bay so we left late morning in order to grab lunch and have the day in the area. I happened to luck out to get a hotel right across from the start line of the race at the last minute and for cheap! Once we were checked in we headed over to the downtown area of Green Bay along the river inlet. We had delicious burgers for lunch from a little dive restaurant called Al’s Burgers– very tasty indeed. After we ended up walking around downtown- heading over one of the bridges to Titletown Brewing. We hadn’t planned on doing a tasting but we had some time to kill before the race expo. Very tasty beer and their new tasting room was really nice. Apparently it had only been open for a few months and soon there would be a rooftop beer garden- too bad we won’t be back in the state to see it. After Titletown we walked around a bit more before heading back to our hotel and then walking down the block to the expo. 

Being as this was such a large 10K I was expecting a decent expo. Sadly it was not to be. Most of the vendors were local folks so a lot of my normal running staples weren’t there (probably a good thing for my wallet!!). We did get a set of free socks for Jon (they were already out of women’s-boo). We decided to go check out Lambeau Field – which was basically in a neighborhood and tiny compared to most other NFL stadiums I’ve seen but of course I snapped a few shots. Jon was interested in watching the women’s soccer match (part of the World Cup) so we were on the hunt for a sports bar for dinner. After one missed try we finally landed at Mackinaw’s Grill and Spirits for a carb healthy dinner with a side of women’s soccer. And the ladies of course won! Then it was back to prep for the morning- make up my flat runner and sleep.

Day 2: Bellin Run 10K! I’ve recapped the race here– and excitedly can say again I came up with a PR at that distance!! Once the race was complete it was great to just walk up the street to our hotel and conveniently breakfast was still going on! Can’t say no to that after burning a bunch of calories. After we finally cooled off and got ready for the day, it was time to drive up to Door County. Of course the weather was a little misty and it was definitely cooler but it was still very beautiful outside and I took lots of photos. Our first stop and for lunch was at Shipwrecked Brewpub. They are the only craft brewery in DC and so we had to stop there. After stuffing our faces for lunch, we had a tasting sampler at the bar- not too shabby as far as craft beers go. Then we decided to drive just north to see one of the many lighthouses of Door County. It was located just outside of Fish Creek. (DC has fantastic town names- the brewpub was in Egg Harbor!) We drove through a state park- with lots of campers, bikers and mosquitos. Then it sadly started to rain on us so it was decided the rest of the day would be spent touring wineries on the peninsula. 

We started off at Orchard Country Winery and Market where everything was so sweet it seemed like we were tasting juice. Not really our cup of tea (especially after visiting Napa this past spring!) Then we headed down the road to Door Peninsula Winery and Door Distillery. Here we tasted more sweet wines but there was one we thought Jon’s Mom would enjoy and so purchased her a bottle (plus they gave us a coupon). The distillery was a different story- I tried a cherry vodka (gross), cherry brandy (tolerable), and cherry moonshine (good in super small doses). After that I needed a snack though!! Luckily at our final stop – Door 44 Winery – a market was attached with pretzels. Much needed and eaten. πŸ™‚ Door 44 was the best of our stops for the day and another bottle was purchased for Jon’s Mom. Hopefully she’ll enjoy them when she tastes them. Then it was time to head back to Green Bay and find dinner! Of course we found a Mexican place and grubbed. Delicious. Quality day indeed.

Day 3: On our first day in Green Bay I had discovered a wildlife area that was free to walk around so we decided to stretch our legs and go walk that morning. They had some nice areas and even a section in the back with a few animals. It was nice to get out and relax for the morning. We were hoping to do a brewery tour of other spots in the area but unfortunately everything was closed on Sunday!! So it was a good bye to Green Bay and we got on the road home. Our route took us through Appleton however- which did have three breweries which were all open for the day. First stop was at Stone Cellar– we opted for lunch first and then a tasting. It was in a really neat building that felt very dungeon-like, almost Busch Gardens-y. And the food was very good. Their beer was decent but not our favorite of the day. 

Next we headed to Appleton Beer Factory, which I think was actually a newer establishment. None of their beers were really named- just by the type that we were drinking. I do have to say that each beer tasted exactly as the name/type. So no surprises but not bad either. Our final stop was to Fox River Brewery and Restaurant. It was attached to a mall. You have to give this to WI- they really celebrate their drinking spots and don’t hide them away in the slightest. So we wandered in, tooks seats at the bar and tried out a sampler. Best of the day. They had a fantastic blueberry beer that we ended up purchasing some at a nearby market for Jon’s Uncle Mike. It was by far my favorite and it came with blueberries in the glass. LOVE. Great last stop before making our way home.

Great weekend spent exploring Wisconsin!

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