Training Update

Sorry all for the missed week of posts! Been a little busy with returning from vacation, training a new employee and packing up everything in our apartment to move to Virginia. But I still have managed to get some decent training in!

Since I last updated, I was hoping to break my PR record for the 10K distance…. and success!!! At the Bellin Run 10K I had a final time of 58:03 – beating my 59 even time by 57 seconds. Yay! Of course this gave me great hopes for PRing my half time at RNR Chicago but then the problems began :(.

We spent many many hours in the car after that 10K– going up to Door County, back to Point, and then finally driving over a couple of days in NC. When I got out to run again in NC- I was having excruciating hip pain :/. At first I thought I’d overworked my hip flexor at the 10K because I did push pretty hard at the end to hopefully beat my time. So over the course of the next week I took it easy- power walking one or two miles a day trying to give my hip a break. 

It seemed to be getting better but then of course we got in the car (for only 3 hours this time) to head to the outer banks for a week. I didn’t realize at the time that this was the issue so of course when I attempted to run/walk that Sunday the pain came back. I was incredibly frustrated and feeling pretty defeated as I wanted to do well at RNR Chicago and now that dream seemed pretty far away. So a few days of walking at the beach and then some time off entirely. 

But of course we had to drive back to WI- so two more days of long driving before we made it back and I made the decision to rest for the week- taking Aleeve and trying to stretch out my hip. It wasn’t until the end of last week that I finally figured out the sitting for long hours in the car (after that race) had severely tightened my hip flexor and really what I needed to do was relax and contract it while working it back out again. 

So here we are now- I’ve had a few days of short mile and mile.5 runs that have gone ok- still a little pain but nothing like before. I’ve also been doing leg strengthening work to wake up the other muscles in my leg that might help out the hip flexor. And then finally we went on an epic bike ride yesterday (Sunday) that I think will actually help out my hip a lot. I didn’t get to see how it fared during running this morning as it was pouring outside and is supposed to storm all day. Strength training in my new running shoes happened as I break them in hopefully for at least a decent run in two weeks at RNR Chicago

I’ll let you know how that race turns out!! Fingers crossed for no pain!

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