Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon


Chicago, IL | July 19, 2015 | Time: 3:02:19 | Well, chalk this up to be my absolute worst race- but the one I fought the hardest for. Going into the race I hadn’t been able to do my normal training and so I was planning on run/walking. But then it decided to be super hot (like the hottest it’s been in years in Chicago) so that didn’t help me either. 

About a month prior I had hurt my hip, and have slowly been trying to recover with sporadic short runs testing my hip, long walks and lots of strength training. However come race day I still wasn’t 100% so I knew that rather than injure myself worse it was better to take it easy. 

I was super bummed though as I was really looking forward to cruising through Chicago’s streets. I’ve already decided that I’ll be back to race this at some point. Normally I don’t repeat races but I feel like redeeming myself. I’ll be back RNR Chicago!

Jon had a good race but not great. The heat was just so unbearable that it made it tough. The roads were also not in the best of shape. And we definitely could have used more music along the way!

Here are a few photos I “borrowed” from the Marathon Foto folks- pardon the proof markings!

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