Blacksburg Living

So we are finally moved in and settled in our new place in Blacksburg, VA. It was quite the year in Wisconsin and while we had ups and downs while living there we are definitely happy to be back on the East Coast and closer to family and friends. 

We had stopped through Blacksburg in May to find a place to live once we found out this was our destination and lucked out finding a new under construction development that would have openings exactly in our timeline. We decided they were the place for us and worked out all our paperwork from afar. We’re living in between the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg in the village of Merrimac. Our apartment complex is called Highlands at Huckleberry Ridge and we are thrilled to be here!! 

Being in the center of both towns means we’ve got access to all the normal stores (Target, Bed/Bath/Beyond, etc) but also close to the cute restaurants and fun feel of downtown Blacksburg. Plus we’re only 4 miles from VT’s campus. Our neighborhood also has a connection to the Huckleberry Trail that runs between the two towns. Once I’m healed and ready to run again I’ll be out there every morning!

Below is a tour of our new digs- we have since installed a few more photos and mounted the TV. We’re loving Blacksburg!

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