Peaks of Otter

Bedford, VA | September 6, 2015 | We decided to take our Sunday Hike Edition over to the Blue Ridge Parkway trails with a visit to the Peaks of Otter. This area had been recommended to me by Wynsor and so we had it on our list to hike. The Peaks of Otter are made up of two larger peaks- Sharp Top and Flat Top. Each trail is difficult but fairly short or so we thought. 

We arrived pretty early to the area- some of the first on the Sharp Top trail. I had read online that this was a pretty packed trail and to get out there early before all the people showed up. The trail was a steady up hill climb and ridiculously rocky. It was only 1.5 miles but felt much longer because of how rocky and steep it was. Finally we reached the summit and boy what a view. The ‘Sharp Top‘ was a bunch of rocky outcroppings that you could see a 360 degree view from the top. It was amazing but of course that day it was really foggy so we were up in the clouds. My pictures weren’t great but we’ll have to go back on another day to take clearer ones. 

It took us no time to descend and then we took a quick bathroom break before opting for the Flat Top trail. Now we probably should have called it a day but I figured since we’d driven about an hour to get there we should knock them both out. Bad decision. Flat Top was a longer trail, harder to even find the beginning, full of switch backs and steep climbs. The kicker though was when we arrived at the summit there was just a sign but no real view. I was pretty angry. Luckily there were some locals who led us around to the other side of the path to get to some rocks to climb upon. It was pretty buggy at this point but we climbed up, took a couple of shots, ate snacks, drank nuun and rested. Then it was the long climb back down. 

I have to say of all the trails we’ve hiked this part (Flat Top) was the worst!! And no view- no thank you. Sharp Top on the other hand was quite nice and we took some foggy photos!

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