Tinker Cliffs

Troutville, VA | August 30, 2015 | Time to finish the triple crown outside of Roanoke, VA with our last hike: Tinker Cliffs. It was said to be the least hiked of the three (McAfee Knob and Dragon’s Tooth being the other two). To get there, you drive on back roads and then there’s a tiny pull off with some parking and a trailhead. You hike up the Andy Layne trail until reaching the AT to get to the cliffs. 

This hike was very interesting. We hiked quickly over a smaller hill and then down through public land. There was a farm nearby and cows were in the area which was very evident from the cow patties we had to step around. We crossed a tiny bridge and then were in the middle of a field. We walked through a wildflower bed, over another creek and then started up the mountain. 

This was quite the uphill climb. We encountered a section of wooden stairs that I had read about online- they went on and on forever. Finally finally we got to larger rocks and then to the top of the cliffs. We weren’t exactly sure where the ‘Cliffs” were supposed to be because there was a huge section of rocky outcroppings that we scoured and took lots of photos on top of. The view as always was spectacular and we stopped for some refreshments and a rest before heading back down the mountain. Really it felt like over the river and through the woods! Was a nice hike but not my favorite of the three. Still had a great time!

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