September 15, 2015 | Loki’s Gotcha Day | Well, many things happened quickly in the last couple of weeks. I got the call from Virginia Tech to be interviewed for a part-time admin position. We had a good feeling about the job based on my skill set and what was required. Sidebar- when we moved to Blacksburg we had made the agreement that once we both had jobs we would look into getting a dog. So back to present day- when we thought this job might come through I decided to look online at the local dog fostering organizations. I found a small cute dog on Pound Pals of Radford and so we decided to reach out to see how the adoption process would work.

I heard back almost immediately and by that next Tuesday we had a small dog named Sammy running around our apartment. We had the option to keep him right then and we were afraid someone else would adopt him so he joined our little family. We decided Loki had a new place to call home! 

Of course we had already had plans to visit DC that following weekend, so we cleared it with JJ and Kevin and headed to DC with our new pup in tow. He is so chill and easy going that it was a fun weekend. We took him to Iwo Jima and then hung out at an outdoor bar for Kevin’s bday. It was quite a big day for Loki.

And then the next weekend, we decided to head home to NC to see Jon’s parents and introduce them to our newest family member. Plus we wanted to make sure that Max and Bama would get along with Loki whenever he needed to stay over. Everything went well and Loki was a hit!!

I’m sure we’ll have more stories to tell as time goes on but hope you enjoy these fun photos!

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