Training Update

I’m finally running again!! After much time off (about 7 weeks) from the trails I am finally working my way back into running normal again. I had been doing core work, yoga, upper body strength workouts and then I started doing long walks. Then once Loki came into the picture I was walking more and more and we would do short spurts of running. 

I finally attempted an un-timed mile run and had no pain!! So this past Wednesday I ran a 5K home from VT. It was very hilly so there were moments when I stopped to walk up the hill but I had no pain at all so I call this all a win. Then this past Saturday I completed 4 miles with no problem at all. I think I’m finally back.

So- all this said I needed some sort of goal to help me get back with it. I follow a very successful runner on Instagram who was offering a 6 week coaching plan to help with speed and consistency in preparation for a 5K turkey trot. There is a 5K in Asheville, NC on Thanksgiving morning that I had my eye on so this program seemed like a perfect fit for me.

She offered three levels and I think I’ll be starting with the easy level and finishing in the intermediate level depending on how my body feels. Fingers crossed for increase in speed and no pain during training! I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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