Training Update

Since my last training update I’ve been working with a 5K plan- trying to get back into running and bring my pace back up. It’s been going ok! At first I was ambitious thinking I could do the intermediate plan but I’ve ended up sticking with the novice plan as I get my body used to running again. 

I have been successful in running without any pain for about a week. I was also doing the #chasethebird challenge with Oiselle to complete 15 minutes of activity everyday and I’ve been doing something every day even if it’s just taking Loki for a long walk. So all in all it’s been a pretty good training period. 

I run the Asheville Turkey Trot 5K this Thursday and right now the goal is to finish under 30 minutes. It would be great to be faster but I just don’t know if the body is up for that. I will get to wear my Oiselle singlet for this first time so who knows- maybe it’ll bring me luck?

Here are a few of my training snaps.

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