2016 Goals!


Looking back 2015 was not my best year. We had some low moments (injury for 6 months) and high moments (moving to VA and working for VT). In the running world I had big goals- that I smashed one of (PRing my 10K time). 

Moving into the new year, I’m trying things differently. I’ve committed to the Oiselle team, and promoting the Nuun brand but I also want to increase my speed and blow some goals out of the water. When I opened my new Garmin 225 on Xmas day I knew this year was going to be my year.

-I’m splitting the 2016 miles in 2016 runtheyear with my bestie Kristi. We are excited to go for 1008 miles each and smash this to receive our completion medal at the close of the year.
-I want to bring my half marathon time under 2 hours. I’m 7 minutes away but I think with speed training and perseverance I can get it done.
-I would like to get my 5K time around 26 minutes or less. 

So fingers crossed for me! Hope you are each laying down some goals to smash in the coming year!

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