Challenge- RunTheYear 2016

Sorry for the long delay folks! I’ve been tinkering with my training and getting in all my runs has left me far from the blogosphere. 

My bestie, Kristi, and I are embarking on a year goal of together running 2016 miles for the Run The Year challenge. So we each have to conquer 1008 miles. This will be incredibly tough but hopefully will bring more consistency to my running. I feel in the past I’ve geared up for races and as soon as they are complete my training has petered off. 

This is my challenge and my year to make a change. I’m working in strength training to my regimen to make sure I don’t get injured again and have been taking my time gearing up for RNR Nashville training which begins soon. 

I’m supposed to hit around 84 miles each month- currently am sitting at 52 for the month with about a week ago. So this month will probably be short but as I get closer to half marathon time there will be big weeks that I think will counteract what I’ve done in January. I wanted to make sure I didn’t re-injure myself and so have been taking my time getting my runs back without feeling pain. 

Fingers crossed everything goes well! I’ll do my best at updating you each month with my training update as to where I am/we are in the challenge!

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