Snow Days

Blacksburg, VA | January 22-24, 2016 | We’ve had some dusting of snow and then boom we had 15 inches! Winter Storm Jonas came through Blacksburg a couple of weekends back and we got to spend three days indoors. Luckily the apartment gym was open so I escaped for a bit each day to run! Anyway, I took some fun photos of the complex on my jaunts and then of course we brought Loki out for playing in the snow. 

Let’s just say he wasn’t interested. Even after we got him dressed with a fleece, sweater and wind breaker. His little body was still freezing and he HATED having to find somewhere to do his business. The snow ended up being taller than he is, so we brought along the shovel to dig out places for him to find some grass. 

Anyway, it was quite the snowy weekend and I’m already ready for the next one! Yay for snow days. πŸ™‚

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