Training Update

April Mileage: 40 Miles | Womp womp- so April was a total wash for me with my couple of injuries. I did on the last day of the month complete the RNR Nashville half marathon which I’ll recap later this week. 

When the month began I was trying to get some mileage back in after March’s let down but sadly my injuries prevailed. After a few days of running I decided to switch gears and focus on keeping my endurance up while my hip/calf healed. I spent many a day on the stationary bike as well as the elliptical. I also made sure to get in at least one day of leg strength training a week. I hoped that would help keep me in shape but allow everything to heal so I could make it through the race in one piece. 

Going forward I’m focusing on my runs with lots of recovery time in between. I want to make sure my June race doesn’t get ruined by overtraining. This time around I was trying out the Hanson’s method but that ended up being just too much mileage for me. So I’m back to the drawing board on training plans right now just trying to keep my fitness up with a few short runs during the week and getting in a long run each weekend until the race. I’m also making sure to keep up my strength training as well as yoga. 

Finger crossed this next month goes much smoother!

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