There is something about being an amateur runner on a team with elites that pumps you up and makes you want to be so much better than you’ve been before. When I joined the Volée I was interested in meeting other runners being separated from most of my friends and needing to find a place in life. What I found was a family of runners, a family of women who are so inspirational that everyday I find something to cheer for, something that made me want to work harder and share my story as a runner. I found a home. Everyone I’ve met so far has been so nice, ridiculously nice. I interact with lots of people online but meeting in person and being to pick up like we’ve always been friends- there’s nothing like it. 

I was recently home to cheer my real life and BRF bestie Kristi on at the RNR Raleigh race. I met Allie and Andie of the NC team. I hung out with them and cheered on our couple of volée runners that day. It was like I’d been friends with them forever. I love that about the Volée. We have common ground on running but can relate and have the best time in any circumstance. I had a great time hanging out with them. Plus spectating a big race was a new thing for me… that I really enjoyed! And trying to get to various cheer points I felt like I got a workout in that day. I took a few photos of Kristi beasting out there… they’re below.

Lastly, watching the Boston Marathon last week [online] was so inspirational. We had 30+ teammates out there pushing through the sun and heat to get to the finish. One day I hope to toe that line. Watching the elites give it their all to win is awesome. And the crowd support in Boston seems to be unmatched. Next year I’ll get to be a part of that crowd. Jon’s dad has qualified and so we’re all going up for the weekend. I look forward to racing the 5K and then getting my lungs ready for some hardcore cheering! It’s going to be awe-inspiring and amazing and will add more fuel to my fire to one day be a marathoner and BQ.

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