Treadmill/Standing Desk

When we were living in Wisconsin last year, I had a unique opportunity. We were moving offices and I got to choose what kind of desk I wanted. I’d been interested in converting to a standing desk for awhile as I’ve noticed that I hunch pretty badly in desk chairs. So when the chance came I took it, I switched to standing full time (which was really on part-time 5-6 hours, 4 days a week) but I really really liked it. Gone was the pain in my upper back and the need to stretch constantly. I was able to focus more on my tasks and moving around the office was no longer a chore. 

Of course then we moved to VA and I had no idea if I would have that opportunity again. Not many places have standing desks. Well, I got hired at Virginia Tech and of course was given a standard desk with desk chair. I used it for a few months (because again I was part-time until one of the staff retired at the end of December). But my upper back pain returned- even though I was using a giant monitor I still hunched. 

I started searching online for standing desks- some are ridiculously expensive but then I found where the Ikea Hack. Using a simple table (LACK), Shelf and brackets (EKBY) I was able to create a standing desk that I could place on top of my existing desk at work. 

This was awesome! Of course VT has ridiculously hard floors so I also purchased a standing pad so my heels wouldn’t hurt. Gone was the back pain, back was the mobility. I was in hog heaven- or so I thought….

I then upgraded to what was only a dream. A treadmill desk. Now I could walk while working, making sure I got my steps in everyday and burning extra calories along the way!!! Our director of the school happened to have one she was no longer using but was collecting dust in her office. I was SO HAPPY to take it off her hands. 

I’ve been walking on it ever since and have lost a few extra pounds, have more energy during the day and am sleeping great at night. I walk pretty slow during the day (1.2-1.5 mph) so I can still be productive and of course I pause it when I really need to focus on the task at hand. 

For anyone that wants to incorporate more walking or activity in general into their lives I would highly recommend switching to this combo if like me you are working a desk job everyday from 9-5. 

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