Training Update

March Mileage: 68 Miles | Injuries: 2 | Womp womp. Here my training was going so wonderfully and of course I manage to injure myself coming into the stretch before the race. I think it stemmed from my attempt at a long run via treadmill. Too much of that seemed to hurt more than help and well… here we are. 

My self diagnosis is that I’ve got hip bursitis on my right side and instead of reducing my mileage when I felt some soreness and slight pain I kept at it resulting in some bad calf cramping on my left side from compensation. So neither leg wants to work right now :(. 

March 22 was my final run in the month where I then opted to rest and stretch and roll out my muscles hoping they would heal fairly quickly and I’d be back at it after a week. During the month I did get a fun run in DC in, and some great training speedwork and strength runs before everything started going downhill.

As we’ve shifted into April (sorry for the tardiness of the post- and for being behind in posting in general!) I tried some short slow runs at the beginning of the month. No dice. So now I’m sticking to only crosstraining until everything feels good and then I’ll try some running again. Rock n Roll Nashville is on the last day of the month and I’m hoping that all the work I put in prior to injury plus all the cross training to maintain my endurance will get me to the finish line with A) no pain 2) a decent time. I won’t be trying for my sub-2 goal unless I’m feeling great- which at this point is highly unlikely. 

Good thing I scheduled myself two other halfs! June 4 and August 13. One of these will be the goal race and I better smash that half marathon time out of the water.

Lastly- I took the plunge to separate my running pics from my everday pics on instagram. If you’re interested in following my fitness adventures please follow @runchaser.

Until next month friends!

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