Quick Trip to DC!

Washington, DC/ NoVA | March 4-6, 2016 | I had worked out with JJ to come for a quick weekend trip to see the NoVA girls for the weekend. The drive is not particularly great to get there but compared to how far we were last year from DC- I’ll take the 4 hours on the road. I had a few traffic spots but over all managed to get there in good time.

We met up with Julie and Colleen for dinner at Kapnos Taverna. I had been to Graffiato in DC (another of Mike Isabella’s restaurants) so I was looking forward to trying out Kapnos. It did not disappoint. We got a round of cocktails (I went with a Moscow Mule- delicious) and then settled on a bunch of different tapas to try out. Some tzatziki and pita, fried potatoes, fried brussels, shrimp, meatballs were just a few. SO GOOD. And it was great to catch up with the girls. We hadn’t all been together since cabin weekend this past fall.

Saturday dawned with runs for JJ and me. We started out together heading toward the Mt. Vernon trail and then she left me about 2.5 miles in. She was logging 5 for the day and I was pushing through for 10. I headed down to Gravelly Point before turning around for the jog back. Running back on this trail felt great. I’ve been running on hills at higher elevation for months now so to be at sea level on flat land felt FANTASTIC. My pace ended up being faster than planned because it felt so nice. 

After our runs, we had some breakfast scrambles and fruit and just rested for a bit. The plan for the day was to check out the Wonder exhibition at the Renwick. We met up with Colleen and Bekah to have a ‘wonder’ filled afternoon. There were giant birds nest, rainbows, trees, bugs, fishnets and more. It really was a spectacular exhibit and was drawing quite the crowd for the day. We decided to grab a drink as it was still kind of early when we left the Renwick. None of us (except Kevin) had ever been to the Hays-Adam Hotel bar- Off the Record– so we stopped in for a bit. They had hilarious coasters of all the political candidates and there drinks were good too! I had another Moscow Mule- and totally devoured their snacks. (A little rungry).

That evening was the UNC-Dook game so we grabbed some take out Thai and settled in for game time. I had some delicious pineapple fried rice and then we broke out the girl scout cookies. YUM. Then it was time to cheer on the heels! It was quite the game but we pulled on the win in the end. Take that dookies. πŸ™‚ Since it was an earlyish game- we watched Spy afterwards. SO FUNNY.

Sunday- I had told JJ I’d go back to Solidcore again- after almost 2 years since my last class. Let’s just say brutal is an understatement. The machines have changed as well as the verbiage for the moves so I was a little behind. Plus the fire alarm went off for almost the entire class. I have to say the workout was fine and still just as hard as when I went all the time BUT I liked it better back then. Something about it being in so many places just made it not the same. I was at the first studio in the beginning with the first coaches- and well I just like it better then. But hey- that’s what happens. 

Anyway, after our ears stopped ringing we showered up and got ready to brunch with the Inversions gang. I packed up my stuff because I had to make the drive back that afternoon. JJ had set up a brunch date with Julia, Lisa, and Colleen at Belga Cafe. It’s so good so I was super excited. I got Herb pesto eggs and bacon on an english muffin. Delicious. And it was great to catch up with these ladies too. 

​Overall a fantastic weekend (short but sweet!) Until next time DC!!

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