Training Update

February Mileage: 100 Miles! | What a month. The shortest one on the calendar and probably the one where I’ve run the most miles EVER. I’m trying to stick pretty closely to the Hanson’s method– a few variations from time to time but keeping my mileage up, my paces in line and pushing forward. I REALLY want to break the 2 hour barrier for RNR Nashville

This month was filled with finishing the RunLove Challenge, windy negative chill runs, keeping up with tempo runs and pushing myself in speed work. I also ran my first long race since injury. You can get the full recap of the Blacksburg Classic here, let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite but fine for a training run. I had three 10 mile runs this month each Saturday. And by the time I finished these (recently) I felt like I had really gotten into a groove with that distance. I’ve also kept up my strength training making sure to do one upper and lower strength workout as well as core each week. I have fallen behind on my yoga but hopefully I can make that up in March.

As we start March I want to continue growing stronger and building up my endurance. 12 milers start up this coming weekend so I’ll be bringing back my GU nutrition and also taking the Hydraquiver out for water/Nuun. I’m hoping to hit an even higher mileage this month and fingers crossed for no injuries as I push forward. 

Bring on Spring!

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