Blacksburg Classic

Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler – February 20, 2016 – Blacksburg, VA Time: 1:48:44

My training plan lined up with a 10 Miler on Saturday so I thought why not run the local race in town. It was supposed to be the week prior but due to extreme cold temps they opted to move it back a week. Fine with me (or so I thought). We lined up at the start- and everything as done off a gun start, no chip timers because it was so small.

Miles 1-3
We ran through local neighborhood streets. There were a lot of small hills but none too bad to handle. I was actually feeling pretty good- and staying on the higher end of my target pacing for the day (10-10:15). Target was paces between 10 and 11 mins. 

Miles 4-5 
We looped back into the neighborhood but only did a small section this time (mostly down hill) and then headed to the Huckleberry Trail. Now the trail was still snow lined and because it was almost 60 outside there was a lot of melting. So a lot of wet. Plus the trail wasn’t all plowed so we kind of had to run single file. Which became difficult as the really fast runner lapped us. 

Miles 6-7
We headed out past the football stadium to the huge hills I had run a few times going toward home. Thanks to all the training I’ve been putting in they seemed less difficult than in the past. But then came the mud pits. We had been warned there would be some mud but I think they were slightly confused about how much there was. It was like running through a sticky pit. My shoes got stuck and I ended up getting covered in it as I tried to get to the other side and back onto trail path. Then the route went through the rolling hills section before finally turning around really close to my apartment.

Miles 8-10
This is where I ended up slowing down a bunch. My hip started to feel tight and I did not want to reinjure myself so I slowed my pace. It was back over the rolling hills and through the mud to get to the finish. And boy was I happy to see that finish. The after snacks were kind of lame but at least there was something. Although not much water left which did suck.

Not my favorite race but in the end I got the run completed. I hope that going forward if I do another local race it is better run. Finger crossed. Oh and here are two terrible photos of me right before I crossed the finish. Enjoy.

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