#RunLove Challenge


January 4-February 14, 2016 | For the beginning of the year and part of their #womanup2016 theme, Oiselle issued the #RunLove Challenge asking Volée to pick a partner and choose a challenge to complete over the next 6 weeks. I put a request on Facebook for a partner (because there are no teammates nearby) and the lovely Becca Gellner from PA said- let’s us Beccas pair up! I also reached out to bestie Kristi to participate too even though she’s not part of the team (but will hopefully be soon!) So the three of us embarked on a goal of 90 miles in 6 weeks. I was building my running base back up to starting official RNR Nashville training at the end of January so I thought it would be doable.

Anyway- we took a bunch of fun photos and cheered each other on our runs as the six weeks went on. The Nest at Oiselle also sent out weekly challenges that we tried to make sure we took part in. All in all it was an awesome experience- especially giving gifts at the end! I found vintage Oiselle #runlove shirts that I thought were perfect and sent to both my challenge-mates. And other Becca sent me the most beautiful silver bird earrings that I haven’t taken off since!

Love being a part of this team!!

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