Training Update

May – 41 Run Miles, 54 Cycle Miles | May was spent healing and continuing my training. I had exactly the month to get better AND get my running back on track for a half marathon this past Saturday. Instead of focusing on speed and trying to PR and hit my sub-2 hour goal I had reevaluated my goals for the race and wanted a strong finish within the realm of my normal times.

With that in mind I plotted out May to be every other day runs with indoor cycling and strength training on the off days. I think my injuries were originally brought on by overuse. The plan I had been attempting was a high mileage plan and after getting 3/4 of the way through and getting injured I know now that wasn’t the right fit for me. I’m still on the hunt for a good plan (here’s hoping I’ll learn more at Bird Camp this coming weekend) that will help me reach my goals without injury.

So for May with that in mind I did lots of 3 mile weekly runs and increased my mileage for longer runs on the weekends. Of course there were the occasional snafus- like getting trapped in a cabin and not being able to get out for my 12 miler! But overall I felt successful with the month. It was low mileage BUT quality mileage. I’m hopeful that I can slowly increase over the next couple of months while I train for Seawheeze. 

Thank you May for no more injuries and time for healing!! On to June!

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